Make Saving Lives Your Business

Everyone in business and medical professions have unique skills in order to help Care Net Pregnancy Center save lives.  Business professionals can donate time, services or resources to complete much needed projects at Care Net; while medical professionals possess the specialized training to be on the front lines providing critical health services and information to help women choose life.   By using their specialized talents, businesses and medical professionals will be able to see the same results - lives saved at Care Net Pregnancy Center.

Stand with 

Care Net Pregnancy Center

To uphold God's calling for our ministry, Care Net Pregnancy Center receives no government funds or grants, as receiving those funds could limit our spiritual conversations.  Instead, our ministry relies on business partners like you.  Stand with Care Net as a corporate partner to give back to our community, save unborn babies and promote the Christian values of your business.

Sponsor an Event

Advertise your business during Care Net's upcoming events to showcase your organization as Christian owned and operated and highlight your business' corporate commitment to giving back to your community. Your participation in events will promote your business while helping save lives!  Visit the Events page to learn more about upcoming events. You can also contact Nanda Kirkpatrick.

Contribute In-Kind Services

Free up the budget at Care Net Pregnancy Center by donating in-kind services.  Your gift of service will allow Care Net Pregnancy Center to redirect funds toward life-saving expenses, such as medical supplies and client resources.  From general maintenance to legal counsel, there are many needs your business can help us meet.  Contact us to contribute your business' professional services and be a part of saving lives.

Donate or Raise Funds

Care Net depends on generous financial support from individuals as well as businesses in our community.  Give a donation or plan a Baby Bottle Campaign to contribute financially to this vital ministry.  Your business' tax-deductible gift will contribute toward saving lives in your own community.

Does Your Employer Match Gifts?

Double, or even triple, the impact of your generous financial gift.  Find out if your company matches charitable donations to non-profit organizations like Care Net Pregnancy Center.  Some companies in our area provide a 2:1 match of their employee's donations!  Direct those funds to Care Net Pregnancy Center to save unborn babies and help men and women in need.

"My experience with Care Net was very thorough and they were very informative and supportive.  They pointed me in the right direction and gave me positive feedback that I'm not alone."

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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS tax code.