Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston
14530 Wunderlich Drive, Suite 150
Houston, TX 77069
281-444-8554 (voice)
281-444-8854 (fax)

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Office Hours:
Mon 10am - 5pm
Tue, Wed & Thu 10am - 5pm and
6pm - 8pm

24 hour hotline

Please join us for our

10th Annual Walk For Life
Saturday, April 5, 2014

at the Metropolitan Baptist Church

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To reach us, call 281.444.8554 or email

Since 1991, during our first 23 years, Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston has served over 20,000 clients. Last year, we saw 1,400 first-time clients. Most came to us for pregnancy testing, and 75% of those tests were positive. We also had the privilege of performing 268 ultrasound examinations, giving women the first glimpse of their babies.


Our Mission

To demonstrate the love of Christ to those facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy through the provision of spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational support and by proclaiming the Gospel.
We are committed to providing compassionate counsel, practical help, and accurate information to men and women facing unplanned pregnancies or past abortions; to promote premarital abstinence; and to do these in a way that draws people to the Lord Jesus Christ to bring Him honor and glory.
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Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston does not perform or refer for abortions.